The Professional Puzzle Pieces

According to the Oxford Language Dictionary, the word professional means, a person engaged or qualified in a profession. The Cambridge Online Dictionary defines professional as meaning, relating to work that needs specialist training and having the type of job that is respected because it involves a high level of education and training. What does professional mean to you? The reason I am investigating the meaning of professional isContinue reading “The Professional Puzzle Pieces”

Blogging: a steep but necessary learning curve

Things I learned this month, (1) use a title that tells the readership what your blog is about. It may help to avoid hours of anguish. I often forget to remain in the present rather than being taken back to high school memories I would rather forget existed. (2) People will comment. The good, the bad and the down-right ugly. It can be difficult to send the inner voice out into this very public arena, only to have negative comments added in a relatively short space of time. Prepare oneself mentally and emotionally

13 and in Lockdown

The Teenager Living with Covid-19 Living in lockdown as a home-schooled 13yr old. “Lockdown, a word that, just last year, had a very different meaning. Now, when people hear the word ‘lockdown’ they think of social distancing, they think of the vulnerable who are shielding, and they think of the global pandemic. For me, lockdownContinue reading “13 and in Lockdown”

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree: the blossoms during Covid-19

­­Parents were asked, ‘Does anyone who chose to use schools feel their children have blossomed whilst learning at home?’. Within less than 24hrs there were over 200 responses. Within 48hrs over 400 responses.  The question asked parents to reflect upon the last 5 months and identify if anything had changed since lockdown forced education backContinue reading “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree: the blossoms during Covid-19”

So Home Education is Okay Now? Home Education is not the same as the Home Learning that parents are attempting to undertake during the Lockdown of 2020. There is some virtue in the numerous online comments from existing Home Educators who repeatedly tried to distinguish themselves from the parents of Lockdown by offering the term ‘Home Learning’ as an alternativeContinue reading “So Home Education is Okay Now?”

Educating Children During & After Covid-19: Opportunity for Change?

When in January 2020 I first heard about a virus sweeping through China, I rolled into a big branded pharmacy and bought the last 2 remaining anti-viral hand-sanitiser. These types of items were already flying off the shelves. Those of us purchasing at that time would most likely be the ones preparing for a pandemic,Continue reading “Educating Children During & After Covid-19: Opportunity for Change?”