About Us

Chelle Oldham (Its Your Education)

Home Educator; Senior Lecturer & Higher Education Manager; Teacher Trainer; Education Policy Specialist; Online Tutor & Lecturer

I am also a PhD student looking at how the value of education differs between home educators and families who choose schooling in the state sector. I have been a home educator on and off for 16 years and I have also used the state schooling system and private education system. I am an educator who holds all 4 teaching certificates available in the UK and I have taught each phase of education from baby room through to adults in Higher Education. I supported government reviews, engaged in the writing of teaching standards for England and worked on the EYPS from its inception to the amalgamation with ITE. I have worked for Ofsted, QAA and Awarding Bodies. My QTS subject is English and I specialise in Education Policy in my role as Lecturer and Manager in Higher Education.

What else do we do?
  • Advise families about Home Education inc. curriculum and laws
  • Provide Government with specialist knowledge of Home Education
  • Tutor children and recommend digital resources, books and curriculum tools
  • We are developing an app that will support families in providing apt information to local authorities regarding children’s learning and progress
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