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Lived Realities of Learning Education & Teaching: asking hard questions

Author: Chelle Oldham Chelle has been an educator in schools, colleges and universities since 2005 with expertise and published work across Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, FE and HE. Experienced teacher educator who has achieved all teaching certificates covering 3-11yrs, 11-18yrs and 14-19yrs enabling Chelle to gain experience of all educational age-groups. Chelle started her career…

My Response to Carol Taylor’s Provocation (link below)

10. Carol A. Taylor – DesigningThePluriversity (designingpluriversity.org) -What is a door?- What is it for?- What work does a door do?- Which doors have come to matter to you? How? And why?- What are your door stories? What is a door? We need only 1 door in my home. The one that leads to their…

Temperature Check – The Value of Education

Highlights from the online survey (so far) Every adult who answered the survey believed that their own knowledge of English, Maths (some Science) had increased since beginning their Home Education journey

The only option that is not an option is, to do nothing.

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